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Vaginal Steam, A Sit and Soothe Solution to ease pain and discomfort  

November 3, 2019

           Have you ever had pain in your pelvic area? It's not a welcomed feeling. After my son was born (baby number five) I had a nagging ache in my pubic bone that had no remedy besides Cyro Surgery, a procedure requiring freezing liquid nitrogen to close the opening to  my Cervixthat was 33 years ago and my son is all grown up now but, that nagging pain has for some reason reared it's ugly head again.  I have no idea why, however,  I now have a sit and soothe solution to ease my pain and discomfort. How does a Yoni Steam work (Yoni is a Sanskrit word for Vagina)?

          Vaginal Steaming  (V-Steam) encourages pelvic health by boosting blood circulation and increasing oxygen levels to the Vulva and Perineum. The  warm herbal infused water vapor rises and nurtures my precious lady parts delivering healing, soothing, cleansing and  detoxifying properties. While the pores are open the nutrients can flow in and perform great benefits.  

 How often is it done? 

        A regular treatment could be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or longer depending on what your issues are. For me, three times a month has been ideal, and my 40 minutes process  provides ease from that nagging ache I've encountered occasionally.  

 Is it safe? 

          Yes. Naturally there are reasons to be cautious and notably one must be careful when selecting any type of Holistic practice. I understand any concerns about sitting over hot steam however, I am careful to maintain the correct temperature with my handy thermometer.  Just imagine a small pot of herbal tea placed inside of a stool with a hole at the top. You'll sit over an  herbal mix of Mugwort, Wormwood, Chamomile, Calendula, Red Raspberry, Basil, Peppermint and Marshmallow root, an excellent combination. To reduce pain I add a handful of Willow Bark  also known as Pussy Willow, a pain reliever, and blood thinner.  It contains salicylate which is the same stuff Pharmaceutical companies use to make aspirin. According to Dr. A.B. Howard (Herbal Extracts, the Blue Goose Press, Berkley, MI. 1983) it will not cause your stomach to bleed or burn the nerves. Willow has also been applied topically to reduce eye soreness and to reduce fevers. 

         Pardon my hiatus to Herbology 101, I just want to point out that adding Willow to my herbal mixture seemed to make a world of difference. Not only did I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed, uplifted and clean after my V-Steam I was free of the pain in my pelvis.  I realize that I still need to see a Doctor to find out what's going on with my womanly apparatus ( your referrals are indeed welcome) but in the meantime my V-Steam provides moisture, nurturing, soothing and ease to my intimate landscape. 

May I suggest:

             Before the Naysayers chime in and give this lovely service a thumbs down, I respectfully ask that you do your own research and decide its' value for yourself. You just might consider treating your lady parts as special as you would treat your beautiful face. 

          Thank you for your attention and for your perspective. I hope you will continue to check in for more information about our services. Next time I will shed light on the benefits of Red Rasberry, a powerful herb chock full of wonderful properties for women. Take care and have a wonderful week.

Mubaarakah Isaac:

Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Herbalist, Certified Pharmacy Technician

Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Consultant


Calendula and Marshmallow root, a winning combination.

December 18,2019

     This week I would like to talk about the benefits of several herbs used in the Yoni Steam herbal mixture. Let's begin with Calendula. This herb increases the healing speed of skin conditions. It has been helpful for people with ulcers. Calendula contains anti-viral properties and may have anti-cancer effects. It may be useful in treating muscular disorders and helps with inflammatory conditions. As a tea, drinking it can help treat urinary tract infections and it's soothing to the throat.

     Marshmallow root: The properties and uses of this herb are demulcent, poison absorber, lubricant, repairer and kidney stone reliever. It is commonly used by mouth to treat stomach ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, and swelling of the stomach lining.  Marshmallow root can be used to decrease pain and swelling of the mucus membrane. The root is rich as a source of Calcium, Oxygen, and Pectin making it great for soothing inflammation in any hollow organs especially lungs, urinary system and reproductive system. It's useful in the food canal also. Marshmallow root serves as an excellent lubricant. It's wonderful for helping to pass kidney stones as it coats and allows an easier passage.

     I feel good about having these two herbs in my Yoni steam. Since menopause dryness has been a problem. With marshmallow root my tissue gets bathed with lubricant while the calendula increases healing and comforts my skin in a speedy fashion. Give it a try for yourself and see how your vaginal health can make a huge difference in your life.

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2019

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